designed from the outside – in

Midtown was conceived as a place where you’ll want to spend time outside. Cruise along a winding bike path, fling a Frisbee for your dog or find your inner farmer. From garden-side concerts to neighborhood barbeques, Midtown gives you so many reasons to get out, take a deep breath and enjoy the day.

Community Center

let's get together

The Garden Shed Community Center is a place for gatherings large and small. Including art exhibits, community events and parties. This distinctive landmark welcomes all who enter Midtown. An outdoor plaza invites lectures, live music and seating within the garden.
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Community Center

a foot in the city. a hand in the garden.

At the heart of Midtown is a garden. Sort of a yin to the yang of a neighborhood with an urban vibe. The garden is part ornamental, a place for homeowners to escape into the lilies. And part edible for seasonal fresh produce.

Dog Park

community unleashed

Among the open spaces in and around Midtown, one park is made specifically for the enjoyment of your best friend. The interim Dog Park, which opened in 2013, is a fenced, leash-free zone where dogs play and socialize with their fellow K-9s. And neighbors meet and socialize with their fellow neighbors. A permanent park will be added later in the large park on the West side of the community.

Clear Creek Trail

escape route

The 21-mile Clear Creek Bike Path explores some of the regional trail’s most scenic territory. Rolling through woodlands and open space, past wildlife and across an iconic bridge near 52nd and Gray Streets. You can take it west into the town of Golden or east where it connects to the Platte River Trail and downtown.
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